Interior and exterior lighting solutions. As a specialist in opto-electronics and light guide systems, MENTOR implements LED-based light solutions in both day and night designs for all areas of the vehicle interior and various areas of exterior lighting. Here you can find a summary and some selected examples for the broad spectrum of our lighting solutions.

RGB colour light solutions

Intelligent colour light solutions

If in former times functional aspects such as good orientation were the focus of automotive interior lighting, today the role has rather been taken over by emotional aspects such as atmosphere, feelgood factors and value, or by the desire for individually styled lighting that is adapted to the preferences of the drivers or is regulated according to their moods.

Colour light solutions for complex interior lighting

Today’s market demands dynamically adaptable colour light scenarios. The requirement is to always provide a homogeneous colour pattern and perfect synchronisation of all the RGB light sources; their colours should cover as large an area in the RGB colour spectrum as possible.

MENTOR has developed an innovative RGB-LED solution for complex colour light applications. This is based on an intelligent RGB basic module with an integrated micro-controller that is suitable for a wide variety of applications in direct or indirect interior lighting, on account of its compact shape. It may be used as a surface light, line light or spotlight for the coloured lighting of footwells, grip plates, map pockets, material boxes, vents, pockets, door entry strips, cup-holders and much more.

Intelligent basic module with integrated micro-controller

The integrated microcontroller and 100 per cent end-of-line calibration of the modules enable compensation for temperature and age-dependent effects and for colour and brightness binnings resulting from production. At the same time this individually adjusts the luminous flux of each module in order to avoid luminance differences between individual applications, or to take conscious advantage of these. Thus constant colour location and brightness of all the RGB lights integrated in the system is permanently ensured. The MENTOR RGB colour light solution can be communicated in accordance with the LIN automotive standard and the LEDs and microcontrollers used have automotive certification.

Individual parameters

Each RGB-LED circuit board is measured separately and calibrated according to the use stipulated in the order. Electronic and visual properties of the LED are recorded and colour matching is carried out. This data and the resulting individual parameters for the module are saved on the microcontroller.

Modular system

Various space-optimised LED modules may be combined with different light guides and reflectors. Thus there is a variety of possibilities for very different areas of use within the car’s interior.

Product portfolio

RGB colour lighting modules